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  Rental Policy
  1. Rental property is to be used as a primary residence to the Tenant unless we are notified otherwise.
  2. Rent is due on the first day of each month at the office of the Landlord unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
  3. The security deposit is one (1) months rent and may require an additional amount based on the rental application.
  4. The Tenant may not sublet the premises without the express written consent of the Landlord.
  5. No pets are allowed without the express written consent of the Landlord and may require an additional yearly pet rental fee. Please see your Landlord with more details.
  6. Inhabitants that are not reflected on the lease agreement are strictly prohibited.
  7. There is a no smoking policy inside of the apartment or around the ingress and/or egress of the premises.
  8. These policies do not supersede the signed lease and are all subjective to the Landlord. Please review the lease for more detailed information about the terms of the rental premises.
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